Date of visit: 12/25/2008

Location: Vienna


Christmas Day is not as much of a holiday in Austria, so we did not have to worry about making reservations at Huth. In fact, the restaurant was nearly dead when we opened the door and for a moment we wondered if we had gone to the wrong place (another recommendation of the hotel concierge). It seems possible, as Huth has several restaurants, all right next door to each other, and all with very different personalities. One is a beerhouse, one is a guesthouse, and one is a… pizzahouse? By happy chance, we happened to go to the beerhouse, and had some delicious beer and good beer food.

The restaurant had a clean and modern design, almost IKEA like, with a chalkboard for specials. While we ate, the host/server (all these European restaurants seem to have far fewer people working than a comprable American restaurant would) meticulously dipped and shined each piece of silverware and glassware in the restaurant to a perfect, gleaming finish. It was wonderfully cozy to sit by the window and watch the pedestrians outside.

The fare was the usual meat and potatoes, though Matt’s ribs were served with a tangy and delicious coleslaw with caraway seeds. The ribs were also dry – not covered in sauce as they usually are in America – roasted, but still juicy. For an appetizer, I ordered a very tasty spinach dumpling filled with goat cheese, drowning in butter. My goulash was good, but I always forget that Austrian goulash is simply meat. By the end of the meal I was hungrily eying Matt’s coleslaw.

Recommended: Dumplings, ribs, beer.

Price: I don’t remember but it was something reasonable – probably under $50 for 2.

Rating: 3.5/5 bacon slices. Tasty, cozy, good service, peaceful, quiet.