Date of visit: 12/27/08

On a tip from a fellow traveler, we visited this restaurant for “authentic, off the beaten path” Czech cuisine. While still a fairly touristy pub/restaurant/hotel conglomerate, I was thankful for the prompt and friendly (English speaking!) service. U medvídků is located a few blocks from the main tourist avenues but still near some major shopping avenues. However, a couple blocks in Prague can be the difference between 30 dollar entrees and 15 dollar entrees, though one will find 2 dollar beers everywhere.
The menu is extensive and fun, featuring vintage Pepsi ads (?). The food is very hearty- look for lots of knedliky (dumplings) and meat. I ordered boar with knedliky and spinach, while my dining companion had hen broth with semolina noodles, venison meatballs and potatoes. The hen broth was essentially chicken noodle soup, but very warming as the weather here has been consistently below zero. I finished off a cigarette while he had his soup.
My spinach was essentially creamed, and the whole plate covered in brown gravy. The dumplings were not separate, boiled forms as one may expect from German or Austrian dumplings but instead seemed to be one large dense boiled dumpling that had been sliced into sections. It was very, very dense, but good for swishing around the gravy and spinach. Definitely not bread like, though, in that it was not about to absorb any of the sauce. The boar was very good, tender and not too gamy.
I had 31 cl of beer and he had two 50 cl of beer. Budvar (the original Budweiser), actually, and very inexpensive over here. His vensison was shockingly served with a salad and some currant jelly – the most fresh vegetables I have seen in several days.
The price was quite reasonable and the service very friendly. Highly recommended for good Czech food in Prague. EDIT: After having good knedliky two days later at a different restaurant, I’ve decided that they are NOT supposed to be so dense that you cannot sop up sauce with them. Therefore, I cannot recommend the kendliky here – but the ambience, price, and overall quality is still worth a visit.
Recommended: Venison meatballs, potatoes. Soups are good, too, in the winter.

500 Czech crowns for two people, including three beers (2 large and 1 small) and tip. That equals roughly $30.

3.5/5 bacon slices. I’m only not returning tonight because I think I might die if I eat many more meals like this.