Date of visit: 12/21/08

Location: Somewhere over the Atlantic

Yeah I know, Lufthansa is an airline. I’ve gotten worse food and worse service in some restaurants, though, so I decided at the end of the trip that it’s actually a flying restaurant. At a time when U.S. carriers (you’re still my favorite, Continental!) are cutting back on everything from blankets to water, I was supremely unprepared for the level of quality I experienced flying on Lufthansa.

To be honest, it’s been some time since I flew overseas, and even longer since I flew anything but Continental, so I have little to compare against other than the horrer stories that I hear all the time. I have always had a very pleasant experience flying Continental, though, and even though the ham sandwiches and cold cereal are not gourmet cuisine, I applaud them for continuing to feed me on the plane. I hate having to bring my own food on planes.

My experience with Lufthansa raised the bar. To begin with, alcoholic drinks were free, and I was flying coach!! That considerably helps the flying experience. Dinner began with a before-dinner drink. They then brought around hot towels before serving our choice of turkey with green beans and mashed yams, or penne pasta with marinara sauce and mushrooms. Both dinners were served with a rosemary roll, butter, a slice of cheese, a side salad with Italian dressing, and a brownie topped with a strawberry and whipped cream for dessert. Coffee and tea were offered once most people finished their entrees.

Once the meal trays were cleared, a separate drink cart rolled around, with proffered after dinner drinks – Baileys, Cognac, or water. I would like to note that the white wine was served from a full size bottle, and the stewardess showed us the label and brought the bottle back around for refills during dinner. The girl next to us had beer – which came in full sized bottles – 3 of them, plus the after dinner Baileys. She then curled up to sleep.

Orange juice and water were continually offered during the flight. Close to awakening time, bars of Toblerone (!!) were brought around. Random bars of candy and free alcohol? The keys to a happy flyer’s heart.

Breakfast, I am sorry, Continental, blew cold cereal and a banana away. Another roll, and fruit salad, were offered, with a hot dish of a hash brown, omlet, and sauteed spinach. Once again, coffee and tea were offered, as well as drinks.

My only gripe during the entire flight was the temperature. The plane became uncomfortably hot where I was seated, so much so that I stripped down to a tank top and my Toblerone bar melted. I have decided that Lufthansa has realized where other airlines save pennies on coffee and pillows, they will save dollars by not cooling the cabin. This was a minor annoyance, though, as I spent most of the flight dozing happily with a glass of alcohol.

Recommended: Menu options are limited

Price: Very high

Rating: 4/5 bacon slices. Lufthansa, I would fly you anytime, if only I did not get Continental miles.