Oh ya, there was mashed potatoes and gravy, slices of sweet potato with sage, bread and butter, brussels sprouts, braised red cabbage, andouille sausage stuffing, creamed pearl onions, a cake, a pie (made by Andrew- thanks!) and cranberry sauce. But amid the flurry of cooking, nothing got pictures… except a select few items:

Delicious spiked cranberry sauce. 16 oz fresh cranberries, cinnamon stick, some cloves, a few long strips of orange zest, sugar to taste, and then 1/2 c of sherry when the cranberry sauce all gelled. Fresh cranberry sauce is so easy and the flavor is so bright, it belongs on every Thanksgiving table, even next to the canned stuff!

My first attempt at making frosting from scratch! It was luscious and creamy. I used Ghirardelli chocolate, cream, and lots of butter. Yes, those are chopsticks. Yes, I eventually switched to a mixer which worked much better and made the frosting much lighter and fluffier.

It was a delicious day!