Brunch is the best meal. First, you usually get bacon. You also get coffee. You ALSO get bread. How awesome does it get? When else can you wake up late and eat all of these things in copious quantities? I can’t choose a favorite brunch meal. I love all of them like children. I love pancakes, crepes, biscuits & gravy, eggs benedict, fresh fruit & cream, toast, bagels & lox, breakfast burritos, empanadas, wings & waffles, catfish & grits, big greasy breakfasts at the Cracker Barrel, oh, I could go on all day.
For how much I love brunch, I rarely make it. It is just a meal that is even better to go out for. Roll out of bed, let someone else do the cooking and cleanup, have a choice of yummy meals, and no stress. I love eggs benedict but getting the timing right and doing all the work of making the dish for 2 people is often just not worth it. If I’m going to make bacon, it makes sense to make a whole pound, not just a few strips, for all the mess it makes. I don’t have a waffle maker. Etc.

However, this dish is truly great.

It’s easy. You can pre-prep most of it. You can make the bacon beforehand. You can throw it together in 15 minutes and pop it in the oven. The leftovers are even good cold. And it is soooo tasty. Yum. I did not make a single change from the recipe, so here it is: Arugula, Bacon, and Gruyere Bread Pudding.

So crunchy yummy bready gooey bacony brunch yesssss….