Location: Houston

Date of visit: Often

Ah, life’s guilty pleasures. Bacon, of course, and bread, standing in the shower for eons, warm dogs that aren’t technically allowed in the bed, stealing other people’s pens, chain restaurants that are bad, and chain restaurants that are good. Corner Bakery Cafe is a chain restaurant that is good. The coffee is reasonably priced (though the fancy hot drinks can disappoint) and caffeine addicts can get a frequent drinker punch card. True to its name, the baked goods are delicious and seem to be freshly baked.

Corner Bakery’s forte is soups and sandwiches. Broccoli soup is mediocre, but the seasonal beef stew is drool-worthy, especially in the bread bowl- an entire loaf of sourdough carved out for your soup. The sourdough is really sour; if you’re into that, like I am, you’ll be a happy penguin.

Service can be spotty, especially during the lunch rush. Trying to special order meals can result in utter failure and one can be well advised to check your to-go order before to-going with it for accuracy and shoddy construction. Finding that your soup in a bread bowl is missing the bread or your corner breakfast sandwich fell apart on the way to your desk can be a sore disappointment that ruins the rest of your day. However, for the price, the food is tasty and made consistently well.

Recommended: Seasonal beef stew, rugelach, baked crisps, D.C. chicken salad, uptown turkey sandwich, bavarian sandwich.

Price: Under $10

Rating: 3.5/5 bacon slices – I returned regularly when it was a convenient location, and still miss the beef stew.