I still can’t bake, but I don’t think popovers count.  No yeast for the win! These were unbelievable. The eggy batter made them puff unbelievably, and the flavor was unique and delicious. I served these with some incredibly spicy short ribs (oops… who wrote that recipe?!) and it was a good thing they were on hand to soothe my flaming palate.

Lemon Pepper Popovers

I baked these in a muffin tin with no harm done – though the wise would take note and very, very genorously grease the pan as I had quite a ridiculous amount of sticking going on despite my spritz of non-stick spray.

Whisk together 3/4 c whole milk, 1/4 c water, 2 large eggs, and zest from a lemon (2 t?) in a bowl. I love the lemon flavor so next time I might consider adding lemon juice in lieu of water – can someone (Jen?) tell me how adding that acid might affect the chemistry? Whisk in 1 T melted butter. Add 3/4 c plus 2 T flour and 1/2 t each salt and pepper and whisk until mixed, but batter will still be lumpy.

Divide batter in pan, if using muffin tin, about 1/2 c batter per muffin will do. Sprinkle with additional freshly cracked pepper. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes (for muffin tin) or 40 minutes (for traditional popover tin). Slit each popover with a knife and bake an additional 5 minutes. Remove, devour.