I have never attempted to make crab cakes before. I did not get a chance to try these, but Food Critic/the hunny says they may be the best crab cakes he has ever had – high praise from someone who grew up near Boston. My small experience of the seafood there is that it’s pretty good (always amusing to get onto your plane home and see them loading lobsters into the cargo hold, too).

The good part about these crab cakes is that they are just about all meat (hardly any breading). The difficult part is that I could not for the life of me figure out how to get them to stay together while I was making them. The original recipe called for 4 large crab cakes to be made from the mixture, but I found that half size cakes held together much better (perhaps due to the lack of bread crumb glue?).

I am eager to try this recipe again… they were easy to make and maybe I will get to eat some this time…

Crab Cakes (from Gourmet) supposed to serve 2 but actually serve 1 because they are so good

Gently mix 1/2 lb picked over fresh crabmeat, 2 slices white bread torn into pieces, 2 T mayo, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, and 2 T beaten egg. Perhaps more egg would have helped hold the cakes together better. Form patties – I found myself squeezing a lot of moisture out of my patties. Should I have squeezed the moisture out of the crabmeat beforehand? Help!

Fry the crab cakes in melted butter, until golden brown. Try, desperately, to get them to hold together.

Served with a fresh salad and a scoop of homemade pepper jelly.

yeah, these were the only 2 that came out in 1 piece