I love this time of year. Fall is the best for making foods that simmer, roast, stew, bake, and otherwise sit and make the house lovely with the scent of rich, delightful foods. It’s also football season, which means Sundays are generally devoted to good old american eat in front of the TV foods such as fried chicken, quesadillas, sloppy joes, and the like. The dogs curl up around the house (Dexter, when not allowed on the couch, likes to pretend he’s actually a guard dog and lie by the front door). Matt watches TV while I make dinner and life is generally cozy and (I’ll admit) very, very domesticated.

Last Sunday I made that cheesy classic I only got introduced to when I started dating the Food Critic, broccoli cheese soup. I had never heard of the idea of combining vegetables and cheese, never mind making an entire soup out of cheese. The very idea was mind boggling until I met his mother, the queen of cream based and flour thickened sauces (and cookies of all kinds). This opened the window to a brand new genre of cooking I had never known before. I guess you could call it artery clogging classic Americana, but despite my initial misgivings, I have grown to love it. Sunday, with its fall-like weather and the happy cozy home, seemed like a perfect time to make the soup. I also got to break out my mini grater and storer in one doodad (see it in action, at right!) which is a lot of fun.

BAM (cheese soup a la emeril)

I’m usually scared away from Emeril recipes as I find anything that calls for a special seasoning mix that makes a loud noise kind of frightening. However, this recipe looked innocuous, and even, might I say, delicious. And so it was.

Gently cook a cup of sliced onions in 3 T of melted butter with some nutmeg, salt and pepper until soft. Add a chopped clove of garlic and some fresh thyme and sautee until fragrant. Add 3 T flour (it’s ROUX TIME BABY) and cook until well blended. Slowly add 3 cups chicken stock, whisking all the while, and bring to a boil. Depending on whether you like big pieces of broccoli in your soup or simply creamy soup, you can blend now or later. I like big pieces so I blended now (immersion blenders are your best friend). Then I added one head of broccoli, cut up into pieces. Simmer for 10 minutes. Lower heat and stir in 1/2 cup of cream. Serve hot!