After Ike, we were without power for 17 days. I’ll readily admit I was too cocky about Ike… but we had some culinary adventures cooking in the dark for the first week or so. After that, the lack of a dishwasher, fully functional stove, and light with which to cook and clean up made it too burdensome to cook on a regular basis. As the week wore on, my repertoire consisted more and more of canned soup and Velveeta Shells N Cheese. In the beginning, though, I had a pound of shrimp that had to be cooked, so I made my shrimp with glass noodles, and quick and easy shrimp scampi. It had to be quick and easy, by virtue of the fact that I had limited ingredients, limited clean dishes (at this point we were still hoping electricity would come back on and the dishwasher was full of dirty dishes), and no light.
As would be expected, every photo came out blurry and indistinguishable. Still, I thought this would make for an amusing entry that would at least tie up the loose ends from previous entries…

quick n easy shrimp scampi (good for cooking via flashlight)

Roughly chop a mess of garlic and toss with shrimp and some lemon. Heat olive oil in a pan until flashlight reveals smoke, then toss in the shrimp, garlic, lemon. Saute for thirty seconds, add salt and pepper and a splash of white wine (a cup or so? who knows). Cook the liquid down, add butter to make tasty sauce. Serve over whatever noodles you have on hand. Pass the candles!