So. Here we are, (Matt, me, and our friend Jason who is spending the hurricane-watch at fortress moi), watching the news, which is full of despair and destruction. According to all reports, the hurricane is RIGHT HERE. And yet, I keep peeking outside and… nothing yet. Just recently it finally started gusting outside, but I can’t really tell unless I open my door. So, while I sit and wait, since the news keeps telling me to STAY ALERT and STAY TUNED, I’ve got to, ferchrissake, STAY AWAKE. And what is the most effective way of staying awake? Eating…

The evening started with snacking on guacamole and caponata and tortilla chips. Followed by some delicious stuffed quesadillas. These oozy quesadillas were filled with the tart red onions (as always), chorizo, and jalepenos. This didn’t quite fill Matt up, so he helped himself to a spring greens salad, topped with blue cheese, strawberries, candied walnuts, and a raspberry vinagrette. After that, we made s’mores on the stove. While all this was going on, I threw a loaf of banana bread in the oven. We’ve continued to watch the weather reports and eat banana bread with butter (or, in my case, a couple slices of prosciutto – yum, salty and sweet).

Well, the lights just flickered for the first time so maybe this thing is actually getting serious. I leave you with a photo of what we’re currently nursing as we watch the news, which is advising us not to play with sewage and jellyfish (thank you, channel 2). Yum, hurricanes.