Who can resist the allure of fried cheese? In this dish, you pair that oozy goodness with some Italian savories and fresh greens to create a meal which meets the holy trinity of food goodness: fast, easy and really tasty.

melty mozzarella with other tasties

This recipe slightly adapted from this month’s issue of Gourmet.
First, I wrap bundles of Mache lettuce, also known as lamb’s lettuce, in prosciutto, because, as noted before, bacon makes everything better. Double it up and don’t be shy. Mache has a mild, sweet taste, and dressing is probably not necessary. However, if you really wanted to get fancy, you could drizzle some yummy balsamic reduction over the package and it would not only stick where it landed and not screw up the plating, it would be delicious as well. Then, arrange around the bundle olives, roasted peppers (jarred or fresh, and red onion. Since I had them on hand, as always, I used my trusty tart red onions. Whole pickled onions (a la martini onions) would be delicious as well.

Beat an egg white with some salt and pepper and lay out some breadcrumbs. Slice some mozzarella about 1/2 inch thick, and double coat (that is, dip in the wet, then in crumbs, then in the wet, then back in crumbs) in breading. Heat 1/2 inch oil in a pan until shimmering, then slide the breaded mozzarella in. Fry until browned and melting, about 1 minute per side. Drain briefly on paper towels, then lay on the prepared plate of acoutrements. Serve hot and melty!