This article is amazing.

I had chapulines at Hugo’s on Westheimer last week. It is, conclusively, the first time I have ever eaten insects. My reaction when it was ordered was, “this will be no problem,” as my only real phobia is for crawly, squirmy things like worms and grubs. When they arrived at the table, brown and crisp and full of legs and eyes and segmented abdomens, I needed a few gulps of my Hugo-rita before I could man up and eat some.

Chapulines are wrapped in tortillas and topped with a chipotle-tomatillo sauce and some guacamole, or eaten like popcorn. I chose the tortilla method, as it was easier to convince myself that it was just “really crunchy guacamole.” For the rest of the evening my mind ruminated over the idea that there were grasshoppers in my tummy.

On reflection, though, they were quite good, and I would definitely try them again. I haven’t crossed the line toward feeling any more love for grubs as a palatable option, though.