Adding cured and salted slices of pig to food automatially makes it better. For this meal, I took the best of two recipes and combined them into one super-dinner!

My favorite alfredo recipe comes from, listed here, and I use it in all instances, mixed with vegetables and seafoods, and different pastas. I like it because it lacks the floury gumminess so often found in heavier alfredo recipes, yet is still rich and buttery. Here, I used it to make a simple fettucine alfredo. I paired the side with my favorite spring vegetable: asparagus, prepared more or less according to this fabulous recipe (though I would not salt the bundles- yikes! Aren’t they salty enough already? Also, I like a higher asparagus to prosciutto ratio). The balsamic reduction makes a wonderful foil to the mild pasta.

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus with fettucine alfredo. A perfect spring dinner.